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Deep Sidhu’s Girlfriend Reena Rai Writes, “I’m Broken, Dead Inside”

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Deep Sidhu's girlfriend Reena Rai writes, 'I'm broken, dead inside' - see emotional post

A comeback by Reena Rai and Deep Sidhu. (courtesy: thesisrinarayan,


  • Deep Sidhu died in a car accident on Tuesday
  • He was going from Bathinda to Delhi
  • Reena was reportedly in the car with Mr Sidhu

New Delhi:

punjabi actress Reena Rai Has shared a heartbreaking post after Deep Sidhu’s death, with whom she writes, she was planning for the future. Actor and activist Deep Sidhu died in a car accident on Tuesday night while he was on his way to Delhi from Bathinda. He and Ms. Rai co-starred in the 2018 film color punjabi and was shooting for another project titled Native, In her post, Reena Rai writes about being in the hospital – she was reportedly in the car with Mr Sidhu when a trailer truck hit her, killing the actor.

In her post for Deep Sidhu, Reena Rai wrote, “I am broken I am dead inside. Please come back to your soulmate you promised me that you will not leave me in any life. I love you my Life, my soul boy, you are my heartbeat. When I lay on the hospital bed today, I heard you whisper, I love my Life, I know that you are always with me. We were planning our future together and now you are gone. Soulmates don’t leave each other and I will see you on the other side.” He shared a set of pictures of the actor.

See post here:

Yesterday, a picture of Deep Sidhu and Reena Rai on Valentine’s Day went viral. This photo was shared by Ms. Rai on her Instagram Stories on February 14.


Screenshot of Reena Rai’s Instagram story.

A day later, Deep Sidhu died on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway when a Mahindra Scorpio he was traveling in collided with a trailer truck.

Deep Sidhu He made headlines last year when he was arrested after a farmer protested on Republic Day in Delhi’s Red Fort violence. Mr Sidhu was accused of being a key conspirator and was arrested in February 2021. He was released on bail the following month, re-arrested and granted bail for the second time.

In May last year, Deep Sidhu dedicated an emotional post to Reena Rai, writing: “You stood when the whole world was against, protected me, respected me, gave me strength, my cause and prayed for freedom of but what really touched my heart and soul when you paused your life for me, you mean a lot to me, your love and support is beyond any description, you are beyond my words and I really I feel blessed to have a soul like you in my life, all I want to say is that I love you.”

Deep Sidhu’s film credits include Wanderer (2015) and Jora 10 Numbaria (2017). color punjabi It was Reena Rai’s first film after winning the Miss South Asia beauty pageant in 2014.

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